Negatives 1

by Mark Beasley

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part one of a demo collection


released June 22, 2014



all rights reserved


Mark Beasley London, Ontario

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Track Name: I Want to be the One for You
I want to be the one for you, light up the world and make you feel like nobody else could ever do, I want to be the one for you. I want to be the northern star, show you the way when everything is starting to fade into the dark, I want to be the northern star. You always make it easy to feel whole again; you give me that soul again.

It's lonely lately, I've had nothing at my side these days, a little roughed up in the worst of ways. It may be crazy but I think you've had me find my way, I see it clearly like the light of day. You always make it easy to feel whole again; you give me that soul again.

Do you see? Do you see? I've been waiting ever patiently. Call my name, set me free, make me feel like there's no greater thing. I'll show you that love can make it through, I want to be the one for you.

This wandering heart has found its home inside the promise that the future finds me deep into your arms. No guiding light, no trail of rubies through the darkness, but the fates have somehow caught us, and you always make it easy to feel whole again.
Track Name: Painted Hearse
It was a day when no one felt that great – routine the only thing that spurred us on our way. A friend of mine said, “Let’s do something for a change. I want to put a smile on everybody’s face. I want to make it all okay.”

So we drove through town in a painted hearse, pretending to raise all the dead at work, but all we did was cause a scene and break the hearts of the living. So I went straight home and I tore my clothes. And I cried myself to sleep, falling fast into a dream.

When I awoke I felt this darkness all around – no radiant sky above, below no holy ground. At once I knew what this place was I had found, so I curled back up and hoped to die. But this ache I had kept keeping me alive.

So I wandered down to the river Styx and dipped myself seven times in it. But God just laughed and said, “You fool, that only works in the Jordan.” Then he reached right down, handing me a towel, and he said, “At least you tried, that’s enough to make things right.”
Track Name: Lullaby
Well, I guess I'm not sleeping tonight. I've no control over this mind – it's been racing with thoughts of you, chasing away any concept of time.

So, desire continues to grow. I wish I could write you a poem that could capture it, so lucid and passionate you'd see into the depths of my soul.

There's something inside of your heart I've trying to spark, but I still never know how I can fit into words what I feel and be sure that it shows.

Cause you know I'm powerless caught in those blue eyes, there's nothing that I wouldn't do. If you need me, just call out, believe me, I'll always be there if you like.

And as I wait for the sun to rise, somewhere inside I'll be patiently thinking of you, and I'll be singing this tune.